Complicated table structure? No problem.

Our developers have been designing and working with complex tables for decades in MySQL and MsSQL. We at Coulee Tech have written our own software penned SlimApps which deals with over 200 tables containing inventory, employees, workorders, invoices, and everything far and in-between to calculate the most complex data businesses desire. We are no strangers to a challenge and regularly outperform our client’s expectations and competitors.

Complex Queries? No issue.

The relationship we have with our clientele is unique. Many of them use our custom written SlimApps software, which in turn causes them to have custom requests. Can we pull when this work order crossed into production, what was linked with it, and how long we have till shipping? No problem. Want a graph which you can adjust to designate a workorder and see it’s progress? Already done. Given the opportunity to, we will impress you with our extensive-decades long knowledge of the intricacies of MySQL and MsSQL. Many of developers have been working with database languages and structures since teenage years giving them opportunity to expand their knowledge of the languages as a whole over the years. At Coulee Tech we strive to be at the cutting edge of software development and continually expand our database of information.