Visually Intuitive Job Scheduling and Labor Tracking System

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Turn your CRM into a lead generating, work flow management powerhouse. With organization and contact follow up you can help bring your sales operation to its next level by centralizing your client information for all relevant parties to have access to.


We let you manage sales at the projects, orders, work orders equipment level with great controls and flexibility. Our intuitive graphical schedule display allows you to quickly see and adjust orders to ensure you hit your deadlines.


A complete inventory management solution with to help keep orders ontrack eliminating expensive overnight shipments and missed deadlines


A quick & easy quoting system allows you to bypass the hours spent designing invoices within just few seconds allowing you more time to close sales and less time on the paperwork.

Easy Labor Tracking and Job Scheduling

Ditch your manual efforts and switch to an easier labor tracking and job scheduling system.

Simplify time consuming tasks of job scheduling and time tracking records while giving your team a very visual workflow system.

Your staff will love SlimApps convenience, and you will have peace of mind knowing your workflow is in good hands.


Sales follow-up

Make sure your following up on important deals and closing more leads. Whether it’s in the office or on the go, connecting with your customers is easy and intuitive.

A cloud based CRM application will manage your sales and marketing activity ensuring important follow-ups don’t get missed.

SlimApps is easy to setup, simple to use platform that has everything in one place puts deal closing on autopilot.


System Integration

Increasing revenues while reducing time and costs requires connectivity with the integration of your exsisting infrastructure of IT systems.

Slimapps can be the foundation of your organization or an augmentation to an already established portfolio of software.

Our experienced Slimapps integrators can work with you to integrate all area’s of your business to make sure we limit as much manual entry as is possible.





Production Management Software Workflow FlowChart

Pre Sales

Get all the details on all your pre sales– starting from prospect entered into CRM step that follows on to pre-sales process wherein the process begins for automated emails from your personal email. This further leads on to stages where either client calls in or quote generate, otherwise, quote from your website is given before the quote is generated. See where leads come from and stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale.



Sales Refinement

Going live in one push of data isn’t simply a great idea, it’s good to go with a pre-sales preparation to help you refine processes, and implement your CRM project smoothly. From discovery, recommendations, design, training, measurement and refinement, E WORKS MANAGER analyzes your results, compares them to the baseline created from the Sales Process Audit.


Production Management phase comes with a group of modules entirely devoted to handling of production process from process planning and scheduling to production order control. With this info, your production workforce can be self-assured that the customer’s transport schedule can be met. SlimApps comprehensive collection of tightly integrated modules ensures a seamless flow of information between departments.


I would like to personal invite you to give our company a chance to impressive you with SlimApps intuitive job scheduling system.