Are you a manufacturer or healthcare provider tired of slow computers, unsure if your secure credentials are compromised or if you could recover from a disaster or cyber security vulnverativlity.

Our typical client is looking for a relationship with a partner who focuses on understanding their world, provide stable innovative products that help them focus on their core business. I have over 20 years of experience and have worked in every state in the continental US so obviously I’m experience but as you know, every person is different and every business has different goals, outcomes, and desires they want to achieve and fulfill. So obviously, I don't want to make suggestions about a plan of action before finding out more about you and what your goals are until I have meet with you face to face. I hope that makes sense.

My team and I would like to start this relationship out with our guarantees we will offer you before you ever sign a thing!

  1. Money Back Guarantee - If your not satisfied, don’t pay.

  2. Every call answered by a live person - We’re Techs, not robots.

  3. $100 cash apology if a voicemail isn’t returned within 60 minutes - During 8 am - 5 pm on work days

  4. Month to Month Contracts

  5. Manufacturers and Healthcare - We specialize in your industry

Many of my clients pride themselves on being independent thinkers and do not accept a consultants opinion without satisfactory evidence. Of course they have had ups and downs with other IT providers but are looking for the right trusted provider to advise.

Obviously you want to see how I can help you. Let’s schedule a meeting and I will personally show up to understand your unique business needs and how we could start a relationship.